A nice gift for that family member
who you think is smoking reefer
¿Quien F!#kin’ Sabe?

– Ivana Grunt,  professional Shopper


November 7, 2012
From the desk of Senator Argo Stropmore (retired)

Isn’t it interesting that the only things that keep us from having a decent way of administering  health care to all of us equally are huge corporations and insurance conglomerates who are all in the business of making money on sick people.  To me that’s really sick.  I say remove the middleman.  Adios, HMOs.  You’ve gone the way of the buggy whip.

You get sick.  You go to the hospital and show the doc your Medicare card.  You’re a kid in high school and you’re not in the 1% and you want to be a doc.  O.K. then do your homework, pass your exams and go to doctor college.  The U.S. will pick up the tab, if you do four years working on the
reservations and among the rural poor and in sections of the cities where unemployment is 40%.  A national jobs program repairing all the broken shit in our country, like bridges, interstate highways, schools, neighborhoods and shore lines would boost the whole economy (more people making money equals more people spending money).  Anyway, remember this,

A whole lot of good shit
could happen, if only
we could take the
profit motive
out of it.

Republican “Family Valyas” is about taking money away from poor families and giving it to rich families.  It’s working well and has for many years,  Is this the redistribution of wealth that the republicans fear?

– Allison Wonderland

Trump wants a revolution?  Will he pick up a rifle, get out front, and tell his warriors, if any, “Follow Me!”?  That’s how Crazy Horse did it at The Battle Of The Little Big Horn.  I don’t think that “the darnold” would do that.  I see him sitting on a white horse, on a hill watching his apprentices of wannaberiches revolt against one and other.

– Happy Hal, the traveling shrink, retired