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¿Quien F!#kin Sabe?
by Patrick Carlin

¿Quien F!#kin Sabe?  Who F!#kin knows? An honest answer to most of today’s questions, but it is seldom used. Leaders give bogus answers, instead of saying, ¿Quien F!#kin Sabe?

A collection of quotes, poems, thoughts, and questions from imaginary folks I allow to hang out up in my head.

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The Unrepentant
a novel by Patrick Carlin

You will enjoy this book if you ever:
• Were In The Armed Forces.
• Couldn’t Wait To Get Out Of The Armed Forces.
• Counted Yourself As A Fuck-Up Or Malcontent.
• Had Trouble With Authority Figures.
• Fell In Love At First Sight.
• Were In Love In The Summertime.
• Hitchhiked A Long Distance On America’s Highways.
• Loved Rhythm-And-Blues Music.
• Appreciated The Romance Of America In The 1950’s

If two or more of these Items are true for you, you must read this book, because…

You will identify strongly with Eddie Flynn. You will appreciate his struggle against authority, arbitrarily exercised. You will love his practical mind and root against his antagonists.
You will root for him to win the girl he loves, and along the way, you will come very much to love her mother and dislike her father. 

In short, you will have fun. 

My big brother, Patrick, wrote a really terrific book, and I want you to enjoy It.

- George Carlin

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¿Quien F!#kin Sabe? Written on the front and Hopelessness Is Not A Bummer on the back.

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